A Cuban in NY

Insights of a Cuban who left everything behind to look for a better future.


I was born in Cuba, and I lived there until 2013 when I came to the United States. Since then I have been part of the large group of immigrants living in this country. The United States has a large history of immigration, but believe that nobody is really aware of a particular issue until it affects you directly. Afer becoming an immigrant, I could understand why people decide to come to this country, hoping for a better future.
Cubans have an extensive history of emigration. Since immigration is a topic that touches me directly, I decided to use it as the domain of my final project. Every single immigrant in this country has a different vision and has experienced the process in a particular way. But one way or another it is a painful process. People who make hateful comments about immigrants are not probably aware of why many of us had decided to take this way. I don’t think that nobody wants to be an immigrant, but many people don’t have any other option.
I felt that the best way was from my personal experience. This maybe can be the gate to future projects around the topic and a personal statement of who am I today.


This was a solo project, where I was extremely lucky to have the most amazing advisors:
Claudia Bernett
Michel Hernandez