Environments also tell stories.
Showcase of 3D environments for video games.

Rose Little Planet

By Karla Polo

This environment finds inspiration in the Little Prince's rose. She is beautiful and fragile, but she is selfish and arrogant as well, and it was her attitude what drives him away. She was so immersed on her own needs that she forgot that the most important part was the love they have to each other.

Tales of The Aswang

By Karla Polo & Paolo Villanueva

Juno is an eight-year-old boy who grew up in a little village in the Cordilleras of Luzon. He is a very quiet, introverted kid, who would never disobey what his mother sais.
During the past month, some kids in the village have been threatening Juno, arguing that he is so coward that he would never get alone into the woods. Tired of the constant harassments Juno decided to go even though his mother entirely forbids him to approach the forest.
– You need to prove that you got into the deepest areas of the woods,– One kid says – you will have to bring us the most exotic flowers of the jungle. Those multicolor flowers known as the Paraiso birds, who only grown on the deepest regions.
Juno went into the woods without knowing how easy was getting lost. He was scared but decided to finish his mission.
After hours and hours walking, he finally found a humongous tree with the flowers described by the kid. Juno was about to cut one of the flowers when suddenly a supernatural force drags him to the interior of the tree.

The Kapre, mythological figure, suddenly appears.
I smell a little thief! Were you planning to steal my flowers as well? Wasn't it enough taking my eyes? “
Please don't kill me, I didn't take your eyes.- Juno begged.
I'll promise I'll find your eyes, but please, let me go.
After days trapped in the tree, looking into every little corner, Juno found a narrow groove that maybe he could use to scape. But he appeared in the maze of the Knomo, a small creature that loves to make pranks.
Have you seen the Kapre's eyes? – Juno asked.
Yes, I hide them very well. You can try to find them if you want. If you get them in less than two minutes, I'll let you know. Otherwise, you will stay here forever telling me jokes.
Now Juno needs to find the eyes to return them to the Kapre.
If the Kapre lets him go, he has to find his way home.

The Kid

By Karla Polo & Yucien Huang

2057, Okushiri, Hokkaido, Japan.
In Japan, the population has grown exponentially. The necessity of housing has forced the Japanese government to built skyscraper even in natural protected areas. As a consequence, the Japanese Islands in Hokkaido have suffered an accelerated environmental damage.
Okushiri, one of Hokkaido islands has been experiencing constant earthquakes. The seasons have disappeared entirely, becoming an eternal winter.
Just a few office building stay mostly intact. The inhabitants had to occupy those buildings as a way of survive. But the lack of resources and the cold climate had exterminated the whole population.
Yamamoto, a young brave man, was born in one of the buildings after the 2040 earthquake. He has never been able to go outside, but he has developed the ability to survive in these extreme conditions. His father, who was one of the last inhabitants of the island just past away due to hunger. Now Yamamoto, alone and trapped in the building, not only needs to find his way to feed himself and stay warm, but also has to find a way to escape the building and survive.

Utopia/Endless Forever Love

By Karla Polo & Sydney Adams

Most couples, at the beginning of their relationship, live in a utopian universe where all that matters is being together. Later on, conflicts start to arrive. Different external factors, other people, economic problems, jobs, time apart, prove the strength of the relation, sometimes getting to damage it irreparably. What if the environment ceases to be the cause of many separations? If couples live in a bubble where nothing and no one can interfere, would they get their happily ever after?
“Endless Forever Love Town" invites you, couples, to get away from the external world. This small community will allow you to spend your lifetime together. You won't need to worry about mundane things like eating or taking showers or even sleeping. All you need to do is be with your loved one, and that is going to provide you everything you need to live.
Our beautiful cabins will provide all the comfort you need to love each other. You also can enjoy peaceful walks around our lovely garden. But be aware of our rules. Interacting with other couples might affect your relationship, decreasing your life sources. If you try to leave our installations, you won't be able to come back. You should never leave your loved one behind. This simple, but crucial rules will provide you the endless love live you, lovers, having looked for since you meet each other.