For entrepreneurs and small business owners, BrightPig is your digital relationship manager.


Entrepreneurs and small business owners have to treat on a daily bases with a variety of clientele, investors, and partners. Usually, they have to deal with an overwhelming amount of meetings, and having an assistant is something that most business in early stages can not afford. Being prepare for meetings is key to success of these companies, specially during negotiations. But being on top of everything becomes impossible.


Our solution analyzes your digital life and curates it into a simple brief right on your phone, giving you all the relevant information for your upcoming meeting.


BrightPig was created by a multidisciplinary team as part of Startups Studio @ Cornell Tech, taught by David Tisch

Karla Polo: UX/UI Designer
Andreas Thoma: Product Manager
James Leung: Product Manager & Developer
Thomas Mateki: Developer

Special thanks to Ola Gambari, Arnaud Sahuguet, Chris Maliwat and Fernando Gómez-Baquero for the advice and guidance