F!ND Genomics

F!ND Genomics is a Biotech Startup founded by Sophie Zaaijer Ph.D. The primary company product is a software platform for rapid DNA-based intelligence.


When I began to work with F!ND Genomics, they already had a functional MVP with tremendous potential. The product already had called the attention of possible partners and investors. However, we had three main challenges:
• Refine the communication strategy of F!ND Genomic.
• Build the visual approach and branding of the company.
• Develop an intuitive user experience for the F!ND software.


We had to create an identity that translates the values and benefits of the company, without focussing on a specific target audience. F!ND Genomics' MVP concentrates in two different markets: DoD and Cell Line Authentication, but in the future, the company wants to launch other products, targeting new audiences. We decided to concentrate on those characteristics that will remain after the company grows:
Trace Identification / Fast Results / Portable / Reliable



F!ND software is under development and for proprietary reasons cannot be showcased. Come back soon for more updates!


Sophie Zaaijer Ph.D.: Founder & CEO
Assaf Gordon: VP Product Development
Karla Polo: Product Designer

With the collaboration of Fernando Gómez-Baquero, Arnaud Sahuguet, and Gary Zamchick